Finance Opportunities for Your Next Project


Low interest rate gap-financing may be available through your Touchstone Energy Cooperative to support qualifying business or community development projects.


Eligible Projects & Applicants

  • Business/Organizations
    • For-Profit or Non-Profit
    • Commercial, Industrial, Retail, Distribution, Agricultural Processing
    • Land, Buildings, Machinery & Equipment
  • Community Facilities
    • Infrastructure (sewer, water, streets, rail)
    • Business/Industrial Parks
    • Fire/EMS Buildings & Equipment, Libraries, Community Centers
  • Health Care & Education
    • Hospitals, Clinics, Assisted Living, Child Care


Financing Terms

  • Amount
    • Determined on a case-by-case basis by the cooperative board of directors; based on the project and specific loan program requirements
  • Rate
    • Typically ranging from 0% to below prime interest rate
  • Term
    • Maximum of 10 years
  • Security
    • Adequate security as determined by the cooperative board of directors 

Application Process




Based on the unique attributes and needs of your project, we will also work to connect you with the right mix of resource providers including:

  • Local financial institutions
  • Local, state & federal economic development incentives
  • Local, state & federal loans and loan guarantees



Our Economic Development Team

Craig Harmes - Manager, Community & Economic Development
          -    Phone:  608-787-1310
          -    Email: 

Jenny Kuderer-Radcliffe, CEcD - Senior Economic Development Specialist
          -    Phone:  608-787-1236
          -    Email: 

Donna Walker - Senior Economic Development Specialist
          -    Phone:  608-787-1273
          -    Email: